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Haytham Kenway
Well, hello there. I imagine you must have questions. Feel free to ask them.
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((This is an independent RP blog for Haytham Kenway! Will RP with anyone!))

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Headcanon Journal Relations Threads Fan Fic

[Guys, guys!! I came to let you know that I have people over and howdoIsocialize?! when I saw this….

and I literally burst into tears because thankyousomuchforfollowingme!!

kfasdfkh you have no idea how much each and every one of you means to me. Like a lot, that’s why even though this is my RP blog I plan little giveaways for you guys, you mean that much to me ; w ; 

Thank you so much for everything and for following this blog ; w ;

I’m going to go wash my face before the visitors return and see me crying in front of my computer :’D]